George Petrou Ltd

George Petrou Ltd was established in 1964 by Mr George Petrou who has been involved in the Pharmaceutical business since 1961, when he was engaged by Sterling Winthrop International to start and develop their business in Cyprus, with their then new product Panadol.

Even though George Petrou Ltd originated as a pure Pharmaceutical Company, over the years the Company has developed in other health related segments, such as Nutraceuticals, Baby Nutrition, Dermocosmetics, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Disinfectants, Dental Care, Medical Supplies and other Pharmacy Essentials.

The business is firmly established in its wholly owned premises, from where the running of the business as well as the promotion and distribution of the products are organised. In July 2008, George Petrou Ltd moved to its new 2500m2 premises situated in the Latsia Industrial Area in Nicosia. Even though the management is centralised in Nicosia, George Petrou Ltd has two branches in Limassol and Larnaca, which are responsible for the Limassol & Paphos Districts and Larnaca & Famagusta Districts respectively.

Today, George Petrou Ltd is one of the leading Pharmaceutical Companies in Cyprus, with over 40 representations and a portfolio consisting of more than 70 established Brands. The vast majority of our products can be found in all pharmacies situated on the island, whereas more specialised products are supplied amongst others to Hospitals, Clinics, Dentists and Physiotherapists.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to secure the cooperation of leading organisations with operations in the healthcare industry for the representation, promotion and distribution of their products, enabling us to offer consumers innovative and high quality products, to enhance their quality of life.

Scope of Activities

  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Repacking
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Promotion
  • After Sales Service

Warehousing & Distribution

Our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse is GDP Certified by the Cyprus Ministry of Health for the storage of Pharmaceuticals. It is regularly audited not only by the Cypriot Authorities but also from the Companies we represent. In addition to the controlled environment, it is also equipped with Access Control, Pest Control, CCTV and a Generator to ensure that storage conditions are met under all circumstances.

To better service our customers, in cooperation with our logistic subcontractors, we offer a daily morning-afternoon nationwide distribution.

Both our warehousing and distribution services are outsourced by a number of international organisations that do not have the setup or resources to establish their own logistics network in Cyprus.


Our repacking unit is regularly inspected and GMP Certified by the Cyprus Ministry of Health. It is authorised to repack pharmaceuticals to secondary packaging and the scope of activities performed aim to modify product labelling to comply with National requirements.

Our in-house Qualified Person closely monitors the entire repacking process to ensure that every repacking procedure concludes to specifications. Our annual capacity is over 700,000 packs and our repacking unit is trusted by local and international organisations with operations in the Cyprus healthcare industry.

Regulatory Affairs

Our Regulatory Affairs Department is responsible in cooperation with the corresponding Regulatory Departments of the companies we represent, for all Regulatory activities. Amongst others, this Department is responsible to prepare and submit applications for the issue of Marketing Authorisations for medicinal products, renewal of Marketing Authorisations, variations to existing Marketing Authorisations, as well as other post marketing Regulatory activities. George Petrou Ltd acts as a Marketing Authorisation Holder or as a local representative of the Marketing Authorisation Holders for the companies it represents.

Additionally, it makes sure that the European and local requirements for Pharmaceuticals are being followed and informs the manufacturing companies on any changes or developments regarding local legislation. Moreover, it is actively involved in the translation of the labelling (Packaging and Patient Information Leaflets).

Being a licensed wholesaler, our premises and day to day activities are regularly inspected by the Pharmaceutical Services of the Ministry of Health, as well as the Companies we represent. Consequently, our Regulatory Affairs Department is responsible for audit readiness and implementation of Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) plans, following inspections.


George Petrou Ltd fully complies with the Local and European Legislations, Guidelines and Good Practices for Pharmacovigilance. The company, in association with the Companies that it represents, has an appropriate Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management System in place, in order to undertake responsibility and liability for the safety of the products marketed in Cyprus and ensures that appropriate action can be taken when necessary.

A Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV), as well as a Deputy QPPV are appointed on a 24-hour base and are qualified and adequately trained to fulfil their responsibilities and tasks.

All George Petrou Ltd employees are regularly trained in Pharmacovigilance.

For safety issues or to report a possible adverse event, please contact: [email protected] or call +357 22757277 and follow the instructions.


We are very proud of our passionate, highly trained employees.

Given our wide and diverse portfolio, we have several departments to support sales. We have a team of Medical Representatives specialising in medical detailing and a team of Pharmacy Representatives to support OTC products and other Pharmacy essentials. Additionally, we have a department specialised in medical equipment and another in dental materials and disinfection. In support of our cosmetic brands, we have a dedicated department with a team of Sales Representatives and Beauty Advisors.

After Sales Service

For us it is not only about selling. We understand and value our customer needs, therefore we have a team of thoroughly trained service engineers that can locally maintain, diagnose and repair all our medical equipment, guaranteeing optimum after sales service.

Our service team is adequately trained and contractually provides services to other domestic companies that do not have their own service centre.