To market a pharmaceutical in Cyprus, its labelling has to be in line with the National requirements as approved with the issuance of the Marketing Authorization in accordance with the provisions of the Drugs for Human Use (Control of Quality, Supply and Prices) Law 70 (I) 2001 and regulations issued thereafter as periodically amended.

Even though a Marketing Authorization may be successfully obtained, due to the small size of Cyprus, in many cases it is very difficult if not impossible, to commit to the large Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) which are usually related to country specific packing.

As a result, many Companies cannot Market their products unless international labelling is modified to reflect the country specific labelling, as approved by the Cypriot Authorities.

Our GMP Certified repacking unit is authorized by the Cyprus Ministry of Health to repack pharmaceuticals to secondary packaging. Amongst others, this enables us to modify or replace an outer pack or patient information leaflet, so a product complies with the approved version for Cyprus. As a result, many products which under normal circumstances would have never been marketed due to large MOQs, can enter the Cyprus market.

If you are facing similar issues, we would be more than happy to service you.

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